Consultation Services

Providing consultation services for growing Therapy Clinics in Ontario.

Consulting For Growing Therapy Clinics

Consulting For Growing Therapy Clinics
If you’re the founder of a new or growing therapy clinic, and are taking on an intern for the first time this year, you probably have questions that you’re having a hard time getting answers to.
Questions like: 
How do I get my intern clients?
What do I charge? 
What kind of non-clinical hours tasks should I be delegating to my intern?
It can be daunting trying to navigate this process alone. Trying to ensure you have proper processes in place, all while also making sure you’re covered from a liability standpoint. I’ve walked this road, and have successfully supervised several interns over the past 2 years. If you want to talk, I’m here to help. 
I am now offering guidance, mentorship, or just a few quick conversations to answer all the questions that you have.



Initial 30 minute consultation call with Christina Janiga:

$200 (incl. HST)

per 30-minute session

Consecutive 1 hour Consultation Calls:

$375 (incl. HST)

per 60-minute session