Lyme Literate Psychotherapy & Counselling

Lyme literate psychotherapists can be an integral support to your treatment. We provide specific therapies to help manage the emotional and cognitive symptoms of Lyme disease.

Counselling help for anxiety, life transitions, and performance.


Lyme disease is a growing concern within Ontario. This disease is an infection transmitted by black legged ticks commonly found in tall grass and bushes. In the event that the initial infection is left untreated it can become a debilitating illness effecting different systems of the body. Due to the detrimental effects on the individual it can also lead to difficulties with personal relationships and simple daily functions within the home, school or workplace. Often individuals with chronic Lyme disease feel frustrated, isolated and alone.


Psychological Symptoms associated with Lyme Disease

Anxiety Symptoms

From panic attacks to symptoms of anxiety - shortness of breath, rapid heart beat, and sense of impeding doom. Symptoms of anxiety can affect daily life from work to home and interpersonal relationships.


Mood Swings

Emotional experiences can change with Lyme disease. Your normal levels of anger and frustration can increase so can feelings of sadness, isolation, and hopelessness.

Depression Symptoms

It is not uncommon to have increased symptoms of sadness, isolation, and hopelessness with the complexity of this illness.

Stress and Trauma of "living through" Lyme Disease

From hearing "it's all in your head" to frustrations with misdiagnosis and grieving the things you used to do. There are many psychological factors that you can experience when living through Lyme disease.

Psychotherapy services for symptoms associated with Lyme disease

Unprocessed psychological and emotional symptoms can limit the energy you need for healing from this disease. Psychotherapy can help you in providing:

A safe space for you to talk

Non-judgmental, safe, and supportive - a space for you to express your distress, process your emotions, conflicts and traumas, and have your concerns heard.

Learn new coping strategies

From combating negative thought patterns to problem solving, there are other strategies that can help you with the psychological  and emotional distress from Lyme disease.

Alleviate symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression

Learn different coping strategies through cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), mindfulness based stress reduction, and different relaxation techniques that help alleviate your anxiety.

Establish healthy limits and boundaries

Identify your limits. Learn to pace. And enhance your communication skills to develop a healthy path through this illness and accept help from others for support.


Psychotherapy Services are provided by Christina Janiga, BSc, MACP, RP

Counselling Services are provided by Amy Jacobs

Sometimes it is hard to access Lyme literate professionals when you do not have insurance coverage and finances are limited. We offer affordable counselling at a reduced fee in person at our Burlington, Ontario office and online through secure video and telephone options.

Our counselling intern, Amy Jacobs provides options for sliding scale and reduce fee services. Her services are supervised by Christina Janiga, BSc, MACP, RP.

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Counselling help for anxiety, life transitions, and performance.