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Facilitating healing, growth and overall well-being in a safe and supportive space. 
 Based in Burlington, Ontario, we provide in-person sessions and online service across Ontario.

Our Story

When I started my clinic in 2015, it was my goal to create a group practice with a variety of like-minded mental health professionals, to provide psychotherapy for people in search of healing, growth, and general well-being. I am so proud of my expanding team, we now have multiple Registered Psychotherapists and Counselling Interns working at Christina Janiga Psychotherapy.


The idea to create a clinic started while practicing as a Master’s-level student. I worked directly within the psychology community to help those in need at local shelters. During this time I developed a mental health program for a women’s shelter, providing multiculturally affirming counselling services for pregnant people from diverse backgrounds, and gained further experience in pre-, post-, and perinatal-related psychology. It was while I was supporting these parents-to-be that I decided that when the time came, I was going to find a way to continue to give support to vulnerable folks within the shelter system.


When I founded Christina Janiga Psychotherapy in 2015, I initially collaborated with local naturopaths, psychologists, and family doctors to provide care for their clients, but helping our local at-risk population was still on my mind. Once I was able to obtain my supervision certification, I reached out to a local shelter, and together with the administration, we developed a Counselling Internship Program. This is where Master’s-level interns are able to provide counselling support for people in the shelter, which in turn helps these students gain the experience they need to complete their MA in Counselling Psychology and for registration with the CRPO. Through these clinic activities, shelter residents benefit, and Ontario’s mental health community grows healthier and happier and continues to foster education!


It is with great joy that I see my clinic providing support to all the people in our community.


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