Healing the Root of your pain.

Our skilled psychotherapists are here to provide support for your anxiety, trauma, depression, and more. With the right care, you can improve your daily life, achieve goals, and have a better relationship with yourself and others.

Our office is based in Burlington and we support people virtually across Ontario.

If you are struggling with anxiety and trauma, you are not alone.

Living with anxiety and trauma can be overwhelming and can significantly impact your daily life. You may feel unable to ever completely relax, worrying about possible interactions and how you will cope with your everyday tasks. At times, these worries can pile up and may feel overwhelming and cause panic attacks. If you find yourself avoiding days full of  interactions, for fear of judgment, or too many expectations, it might be time for outside support. You want to do your best, and it isn’t too much to ask to be relaxed,  calm and have feelings of peace as you work, go to school, enjoy hobbies, or parent.

Where did this all come from, and when will it end?

Your struggles have built up  over years, and although you may feel ashamed or embarrassed about what you’re going through, know that you don’t need to go through this alone. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your  burdens or worries with your close friends or family, that’s  okay.

The great thing about seeing a counsellor is that they are here specifically to listen to your struggles, they are trained so that it is never a burden for them to be there for you, and this can be a way for you to finally express the stress that you’ve been carrying inside.

Healing Begins With Acknowledging You Need Help

Getting support from a skilled mental health professional can help you answer the questions you may be struggling to answer. Questions like “When did this all begin?“ “Did this anxiety start from that difficult time at work? Or from the way I was raised, or the past trauma I have never shared with anyone?” The therapists at Christina Janiga Psychotherapy can help you to look at the past events in your life, and how  they may be impacting the way you think, feel, and respond to certain situations.
Trauma and Neglect From Your Past May Be Why You Struggle With Relationships and Why You Have Feelings of Worthlessness or Self-doubt.
The experience from your childhood, or earlier years do often have an impact on your life, but with support, you can make it so they don’t define who you are today, or hold you back in the future. Therapy provides a safe, confidential space and time to explore your feelings and experiences, and begin to heal.

You're tired of coping with anxiety and trauma alone.

We will work to understand the connection between your past and present, and how it may be impacting your present-day life. By exploring and processing past experiences and beliefs that may be holding you back, we can help you reconnect with your resilience and find ways to cope with difficult emotions and challenges. We will approach these issues with compassion and a neurodiversity-affirming approach, to develop strategies, help you feel lighter and more confident, and heal the root of your pain.

Psychotherapy Services for:

Our goal is to help you achieve deep and lasting change by getting to the root of your struggles with anxiety and trauma. While we understand the importance of providing immediate relief, we also recognize the value of addressing the underlying causes of your challenges in order to facilitate long-term healing and growth.

Whether this is your first time in therapy or you feel like this is your last resort, we have a therapist that will meet you where you are at.

We understand that seeking therapy can be a daunting process, and we are here to make it as easy and comfortable as possible for you. Our psychotherapists are warm, compassionate, and non-judgmental, and we are committed to creating a safe and supportive environment for you to explore your thoughts and feelings. We approach therapy through a multi-faceted approach and all the members of our team are trauma-informed psychotherapists.

Image of Christina Janiga, Registered Psychotherapist, specializing in psychotherapy and clinical supervision services

Christina Janiga

Owner and Founder, Registered Psychotherapist

Image of Chloe Hull, counsellor, specializing in reduced rate counselling services

Chloe Hull

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Image of Emily Wilson, counsellor, specializing in reduced rate counselling services

Emily Wilson

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Image of Debby Herman, counsellor, specializing in reduced rate counselling services

Debby Herman

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Image of Justine Fram, counsellor, specializing in reduced rate counselling services

Justine Fram

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

What are the first steps to starting therapy?

Counselling is meant to help you ease your anxiety and heal your trauma so you can reclaim your enjoyment in daily life.
Together, you and your therapist will set goals to reduce troubling or repetitive thoughts, symptoms of stress, and get to the root of your concerns. You’ll discover and learn to use the best coping strategies for your life.

Book a free 15 minuted consultation call.

If you are interested in seeking therapy, we encourage you to reach out to us for a free 15-minute consultation. During the consultation, we will answer any questions you have about our practice and our psychotherapists, and help you determine if we are the right fit for you. We believe that feeling comfortable with your therapist is essential for a successful therapeutic relationship.

Invest in your healing.

Investing in yourself is an important step towards finding the happiness and fulfillment you deserve. By seeking therapy and working with a trained professional, you can get to the root of the problems you are experiencing and find solutions that are tailored to your unique needs and goals. Together, you and your therapist will work on healing old wounds and developing healthy coping strategies to help you move forward in a way that feels authentic and fulfilling.

First Intake Session

During this initial 50 minute session, you will meet with your therapist to define the psychotherapy relationship and discuss the details of informed consent.

Your therapist will gather information about you and your biological, psychological, and social history and how this is impacting your current situation. Together you will define the goals you have going forward.

Fees vary between therapists.

Ongoing Therapy

Commit to at least to 4 weekly 50-minute sessions (either in person at our Burlington office or virtually online across Ontario).

We find that clients who cannot commit to at least 4 weekly sessions tend to have more difficulty in establishing a relationship with their therapist and often sessions consist of recapping the previous weeks instead of focusing on forward movement and their treatment goals.

Fees vary between therapists.

Feel the confidence and agency in your life.

As you work through your issues and learn to respond rather than react, you will gain a greater sense of choice and agency, and feel more confident in your ability to navigate life’s challenges.

Psychotherapy Services

Psychotherapy is based on a therapeutic relationship between therapist and client. It focuses on helping you identify thoughts, emotions, and behaviours that interfere with your day-to-day life.

With therapy, you can learn new skills, challenge unhelpful thoughts, and process difficult emotions. Our trained psychotherapists provide you with tools, strategies, and insight to make personal changes and see positive growth.

Counselling Services

Counselling Interns are completing their Masters degree in Counselling Psychology training and are registered with the CRPO as Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying). Interns are supervised by a clinical supervisor, typically, one of our team’s Registered Psychotherapists who meets the requirements of the CRPO for clinical supervision.

Financial difficulties can limit access to mental health services. We offer affordable, reduced rate counselling services to make therapy more accessible to all of our clients.


Christina Janiga Psychotherapy offers Supervision services for Registered Psychotherapists (Qualifying) or Masters-level students seeking registration with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO). Supervision can be held either in-person or online through secure video platforms.

EMDR Consultation

Christina Janiga Psychotherapy offers EMDR Consultation services for Registered Psychotherapists in Ontario, or EMDR therapists across Canada. Consultations are held online through secure video platforms.


Current Groups:
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Last Monday of the month at 12pm EDT

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More about Christina Janiga Psychotherapy

We are a team of skilled registered psychotherapists with a goal to help you achieve deep and lasting change by getting to the root of your struggles with trauma and anxiety.

We believe in the power of therapy to help people overcome challenges and live fulfilling lives. Regardless of the cause, trauma and anxiety can be debilitating with overwhelming worries and fears that consume your thoughts and interfere with your daily life.

No matter how trauma or anxiety are showing up in your life, our Christina Janiga Psychotherapy team of trauma-informed and anxiety focused therapists can provide you with the safe and supportive space you need to begin to explore your thoughts, symptoms, and feelings to work towards the goal of finding relief from your struggles with trauma and anxiety.

Secure Services

Christina Janiga and associated employees of Christina Janiga Psychotherapy offer virtual psychotherapy and couselling sessions through secure, Canada-based software called OnCall Health and JaneVideo. OnCall Health and JaneVideo are secure and encrypted online video platforms that meet all of Canada’s privacy requirements and laws.

For more information, please see the privacy policies of OnCall Health and Jane.