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Brenna Tessier

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), Counselling Intern
MACP (in Progress)


Hello, I’m Brenna!

I provide reduced rate counselling services to individuals aged 16 and up who are struggling with concerns related to ADHD, anxiety, stress, relationships, self-esteem and emotion regulation. I am currently a masters-level student completing my practicum internship under the valuable guidance of my professors and my clinical supervisor, Christina Janiga. As such, my services will not only include my own skills and lived experience with certain mental health topics, but it will also include the combined knowledge from more experienced individuals in the mental health field. This all comes at a reduced rate!

What to expect in our Counselling Sessions

I primarily work from a client-centered approach, meaning I aim to meet you where you are at. I will help you to uncover what is holding you back in life or identify what areas of your life you may be needing a little extra support in. I also incorporate elements of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, and dialectic behavioural therapy (DBT), to provide you with some hands-on skills that can be incorporated into your everyday life.  Using this eclectic approach, I seek to meet your unique needs, while prioritizing building a safe, positive and trusting therapeutic relationship.

My personal experience with mental health 

I received a late diagnosis of ADHD when I was in high school, and this diagnosis has helped me to answer so many questions about myself! My struggles with ADHD and anxiety encouraged me to reach out and seek therapeutic support. Through my journey in trying to find the right fit for myself, I came to realize that there are not many clinicians who specialize in working with clients from an ADHD lens. This realization sparked my motivation to support others by filling this gap. Once I did begin receiving therapeutic support, I found mindfulness-based cognitive therapy to be incredibly helpful and I seek to apply this approach in my own work with clients!

Work Experience

I have completed a postgraduate degree in mental health and disability management and have completed the Integrated Foundational Autism and Mental Health training through Children’s Mental Health Ontario. I have experience working with youth who struggle with mental health and autism while also supporting their families. I also have co-facilitated counselling groups for youth who struggle with their self-esteem and emotion regulation. These experiences have allowed me to easily connect with children and youth who have needed extra support with their mental health and who have a dual diagnosis of ADHD and autism. Additionally, my lived experience with ADHD has helped me to connect deeper with other individuals who have been diagnosed with ADHD, and I am passionate about understanding how this diagnosis may be impacting someone’s mental health.

Getting Started with Reduced Rate Counselling for ADHD and anxiety

If you are looking for some guidance, a fresh perspective on what you are going through, or are simply looking for support from someone who’s been there, please reach out. I am accepting new clients and offer free, 30-minute consultations so that we can get to know one another and see if I would be the right fit for you. I look forward to meeting you!

Services Provided by Brenna

Reduced Rate Counselling