Image of Christine LeLacheur Mihailidis, registered psychotherapist (qualifying), providing reduced rate counselling services

Christine LeLacheur

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)
MACP (in progress)


Hello! My name is Christine!

Are you feeling a bit anxious, navigating a career shift, or perhaps going through a big life moment? I’m here to offer understanding and support for those aged 16 and up. I’m a therapy intern, which is similar to a new doctor doing their residency at a hospital. I’ve finished my intensive studies, and now, I’m diving deep into real-life experiences, providing psychotherapy to individuals just like you. And the bonus? I’m under the guidance of my professors and clinical supervisor, Christina Janiga. This means you benefit from my fresh approach, coupled with the insight of seasoned pros (and, yes, it comes at a friendly reduced rate).

What To Expect In Our Reduced Rate Counselling Sessions

Your counselling sessions will be crafted just for you. Whether you appreciate structure and targeted problem-solving, mindfulness, or if you want to dig deep and understand your past more clearly, I’m equipped with an array of mental health approaches to help get your needs met. 

From the Boardroom to the Therapy Space

For over 12 years, I was deep into the world of corporate coaching. But a pattern emerged. The mental and emotional well-being of my clients frequently surfaced during our business-focused conversations. This realization led me on a journey back to school, aiming to delve deeper and support the mental health of people like you in a way that could get at the heart of things.

Offering support for Individuals 16+ with:

  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Motherhood
  • Depression
  • Low Self-esteem
  • Personal Development
  • Career challenges and changes

My Personal Story With Mental Health Support

I’ve always been a true explorer. Whether I’m traveling, or diving into a book, discovery is my thing. While I’m originally a mountain girl from Alberta, Ontario’s scenic beauty has warmed a special place in my heart.  And for something that feeds my soul? Music. Especially Eddie Vedder’s “Just Breathe”, which resonates deeply with my journey.

Along with exploring Canada, there also came a time when I needed some support to learn more about my own mental wellbeing. Life threw me a curve ball in 2019 when my husband had a significant, and life changing injury. Soon after I also ended up receiving an ADHD diagnosis. Having a therapist during those tumultuous times was a beacon for me and my family. Their support, understanding, and guidance were transformative. Now, I hope to help others, because I truly understand how much it can mean to receive support during difficult times.

My Mental Health Approach Includes:

Wondering If Now Is The Right Time To Start Counselling? 

Have you been considering seeing a therapist for a while? The decision to start therapy is yours alone, and I want you to know that it’s okay to have mixed feelings! Therapy can bring up nerves, but know that at the heart of it, talking to a counsellor is simply a conversation where you’re allowed to feel whatever feelings come up. It’s a journey of self-discovery, filled with all sorts of emotions – yes, even the fun and uplifting ones. Think of it as some quality ‘me-time’. After all, if you’re investing energy anywhere, why not in yourself? If you feel ready, please reach out, I’m accepting new clients.

Services Provided by Christine

Reduced Rate Counselling