Counselling Internship External Supervision

Providing external Psychotherapy and Couselling supervision for academic interns completing practicums in private practices in Ontario.

Supervision Services

Christina Janiga, Registered Psychotherapist, provides counselling internship external supervision to Masters-level counselling interns completing their practicum placement across Ontario. 

Are you an intern about to start your practicum placement and feeling doubt, confusion and unease about counselling or the psychotherapy profession? Do you need extra support for ethical considerations, CRPO requirements, record keeping and building confidence as a psychotherapist?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then consider joining our monthly 1.5-hour group supervision (that counts towards CRPO supervision requirements) specifically designed for Intern’s completing their practicum. Feel supported with a cohort of other interns and RP (Qualifying) going through similar difficulties, struggles and gain the support and encouragement in your overall professional development.

PLEASE NOTE: This group is not intended for interns starting their own private practice.

Secondary Group External Supervision

Providing group external, structured Psychotherapy and Couselling supervision to help promote the professional development for counselling interns completing practicums in private practices in Ontario.

Package Includes:

Welcome package orientation including:

  • Orientation & Documentation check lists
  • Tracking of hours for your intern during AND after practicum

8 monthly – 1.5 hour group supervision

  • Directed towards professional growth of the intern

Each supervision meeting with a focused learning objective:

  • Ethics, policies, confidentiality, consent, supervision, scheduling, pacing, intakes, information about insurances, imposter syndrome, counselling skills vs psychotherapy, record keeping, assessments, closure, termination, and next steps.

Clinical Supervision Attestation form for your Intern verifying group clinical supervision hours

Investment = $680 + HST for the 8 month supervision program

If you are an intern or a placement site, reach out through our contact form below to hold your spot.

Have you secured a placement site for your practicum? What is the placement site and location? Name of your primary supervisor? And are you registered as RP (Qualifying)?


This group is specifically for practicum placement. An alternate supervision contract/agreement would be needed for private practice work. I do not offer this type of supervision contract (see FAQ #3).

  1. For individuals outside of Ontario, please verify my Professional Disclosure form to see if I meet the requirements of supervision within your province. I do not offer supervision outside of Canada.
  2. I am a RP registered and in good standing with the CRPO, in independent practice, with more than 5 years of extensive clinical experience and completed a 30+ supervision training program in 2019.
  3. I continue receiving supervision as well as supervision of supervision through monthly peer structured supervision groups and monthly individual supervisory meetings
  4. All supervision times are in Eastern Standard Time.

I provide individual supervision for individuals who have completed their Master’s programs, are RP (Qualifying) or RP and need support for 2 niches:

All supervision spots are FULL for external practicum sites for 2022 and 2023.

Yes – check out our Counselling Internship Program page for more information.