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Emily Wilson

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)
MACP (in progress), Intern Therapist


Hi, I’m Emily,

I am a Registered Psychotherapist Qualifying, and a student intern at Christina Janiga Psychotherapy clinic. You might be wondering what a therapy intern actually is. Like with new doctors working at a teaching hospital, I have completed my required studies, and now, with the supervision of Christina, and the support of my professors, I am putting the skills I’ve learned to good use with people looking for counselling support. This means when you see me, you benefit not just from my formal education and lived experience, but also from the combined knowledge of multiple highly skilled professional mental health providers (all at a reduced rate)!

What Can You Expect From a Therapy Session?

While each person I see will get care that’s curated to their specific emotional needs, there are a few things that happen in virtually all sessions. First, you can expect a conversation! We will chat about your experiences, your interests and of course what you wish to get out of therapy. In addition, you can always expect an environment that will feel comfortable, open, and where you’ll be accepted for who you are.

You might be curious about who I am. I am from Georgetown, Ontario originally. I am a member and ally to the LGBTQIA+ community and I have developed deep compassion for others who are also looking for a safe space to address, explore, and understand their own identities.

I First Learned About Psychology and Counselling From My Mom

A pivotal point for me was when I was a teen, sitting on the floor of my mothers home office. I picked up her old university psychology textbook and she told me a bit about what a therapist did.

I remember opening that book and realizing that this was what I wanted to do. From that moment forward, mental health advocacy, psychotherapy, and wellness became my world and a path that I felt sure footed on.

I Have Been Where You Are Now

I sought out therapy as a young adult for anxiety and low mood while I was trying to navigate university. Through the use of mindfulness CBT, I was able to learn techniques of relaxation and breath-work, which remains a central practice for me in my everyday life (therapy works!)

My experience providing mental health support started by working for multiple years as a Distress Line Responder for Distress Centre Halton. I also work part-time as a Clinical Assistant at a psychedelic assisted therapy retreat (yeah, it’s pretty groovy – but also scientific). This experience has provided me with first-hand experiences and knowledge within the field of mental wellness and psychotherapy.

My Mental Health Training For Providing Support Includes:

  • Certified Trauma Professional
  • Certified in Anxiety Treatment
  • Gotman (level 1 and 2) Couples Therapy
  • Training in mindfulness for psychotherapy
  • Training from the somatic institute for women, including shadow work, feminine embodiment, and nervous system health
  • Certified in self-care and resilience from Wilfrid Laurier University
  • SafeTALK suicide alertness training
  • Training in Internal Family Systems
  • Training in Sex and Couples Therapy

I also have ADHD, which has provided me with live experience and a deeper understanding beyond what I have acquired in school and books on how to support you if ADHD is impacting your mental health.

Reach Out For Counselling Support

If you are having a tough time with your mental health, or if life has simply been a struggle lately and you’d like support, please reach out. I’m accepting new clients and offer free consultations so that we can make sure I’m the right fit for what you’re looking for.

Services Provided by Emily

Reduced Rate Counselling